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The most beautiful places of Turkey


In Turkey harmoniously combines bright Oriental flavor and high-quality European service. This makes the country one of the leaders for visiting tourists from all over the world. In addition to luxurious hotels, gorgeous beaches and warm sea there are many interesting sights, natural and man-made. The most beautiful places of Turkey captivates with its splendor and leave a lasting impression.

10. Istanbul

Istanbul, of course, is among the most beautiful places of Turkey. It is a wonderful city with a millennial history, divided by the Bosphorus into Europe and Asia. He endured many conquests and four great Empire. Here the slender mosques and fabulous palaces peacefully coexist with skyscrapers and huge shopping malls. To arrive in Istanbul at any time of the year to get bored here just do not have neither winter nor summer. Old town, Golden horn, Grand Bazaar and numerous museums, parks and natural areas — Istanbul is truly magnificent. Here you will find the entertainment and place any guest of the city.

9. Kas

Continues the list of most beautiful places of Turkey the town of Kas is one of the main dive centers in the country. Kas is a small fishing town, with a population of about 600 people. You can take a canoe to the ruins of ancient Lycia, kayaking and diving. Those who like a more relaxing time can go on a camping trip to enjoy the local canyons.

8. National Park of Kackar

National Park of Kackar is considered one of the most beautiful places of Turkey. The Park is located on mount Kackar and occupies an impressive area of over 50 thousand hectares. Dense pine forests, picturesque green valleys, waterfalls, flower meadows and many glacial lakes — the natural resources of the national Park are incredibly beautiful. It is better to stay here for a few days to be able to see the mountains, crystal clear lakes, which are in each valley, the glaciers and the tea plantations. Fans of extreme sports can go climbing, rafting, mountaineering, hunting. Lovers of a more relaxing interest a visit to the medieval monastery of Sumela or a leisurely walk in the local natural landscape.

7. The princes ' Islands

One of the most beautiful places in Turkey include pearls of Marmara the princes ' Islands. Nine Islands attract tourists wishing to relax from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the quiet and relaxing atmosphere. On the Islands is prohibited to use road transport. Travel here by foot, bike or horse rides. Clean air, beautiful nature, cozy beaches, ancient churches and monasteries await guests of the princes ' Islands.

6. Cappadocia

Cappadocia is a fabulous beautiful place in Turkey. It is located in the heart of Antalya, in the ancient Hittite Empire. Unique geological formation includes many attractions: canyons, multi-level underground city, Christian tombs, monasteries and medieval fortresses, carved into the rocks. The incredible rock formations that you can see here, give Cappadocia's unearthly appearance.

The unique Geology of Cappadocia is associated with a period of volcanic activity and subsequent erosion. Water, ice and wind eventually destroyed rocks, giving them the most fantastic view. In Cappadocia, in addition to sightseeing, you can also go rafting and hot air ballooning.

5. Pamukkale

Pamukkale is one of the most beautiful places of Turkey, which is among the world heritage sites of UNESCO. Includes geothermal springs, the territory of the ancient city of Hierapolis and ponds-terraces. Thousands of years the thermal springs flowed from the mountains, forming white terraces. The first resorts in Pamukkale was created more than two thousand years ago, so you can admire the ruins of ancient Hellenistic monuments.

In Pamukkale you can not only improve health, but also to make an interesting walk through the ancient city of Hierapolis. Access to tourists in some parts of the mountain closed, as for the formation of white calcium stalactites formed in thermal springs of calcium carbonate in the form of soft gel can not be touched.

4. Patara

The list of the most beautiful places of Turkey is Patara. Here is one of the most significant historical monuments — the ancient Lycian city, which was famous in ancient times the sanctuary of Apollo with Oracle. Near the Village is another attraction of the country is a luxurious snow-white beach, stretching for 18 kilometers. It is known that even in high season there are very few visitors, because the hotels on the shore there. The sand is fine and soft and the sea flat.

3. Lake Tuz

In the most beautiful and amazing places of Turkey applies the salt lake Tuz. It is the second largest reservoir in the country. With a length of 80 kilometers and a width of 50 kilometers, the depth of the lake is only 1-2 meters. Due to the fact that the reservoir drainage, the water is very salty. When in summer, some water evaporates, the lake is covered with a white layer of salt, where you can walk. It produces 70% of edible salt in the country. On the lake you can admire the flamingos. A small population of these incredibly beautiful birds have chosen the South part of the lake. The best time to visit the lake – summer, when the pond turns into a huge lake reflecting the sky.

2. Güney Waterfall

One of the most beautiful places in Turkey — güney waterfall. He, though not among the largest waterfalls, and attracts the attention of many tourists with its beauty and stunning scenery around. The cascades plunge from a 20-metre hill in a crystal clear lake. Güney was listed among the natural monuments of Turkey. The authorities care about its preservation. When in 2013 the waterfall was destroyed by a landslide, it was decided to restore him, and now he is once again pleases with its beauty.

1. Palace Yerebatan

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful and mysterious places of Turkey — the Palace of Yerebatan. A monument of engineering of the ancient builders came to us from the Byzantine Empire. This is a huge underground reservoir that was built during the reign of the Emperor Justinian. Water from the underground tank was used to supply the Imperial Palace, and during the siege of the city by the enemy or drought. Decorate a great Palace penalty 336 columns. They were brought from all parts of the Empire, so they are made in different styles. In the 16th century underground Palace reservoir was abandoned. After the restoration in 1987 in the ancient building of the Museum was opened.

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