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10 obstacles between you and a beautiful life


How often people dream about rich, interesting life. They want to be successful, to get a decent salary, to realize themselves in a career. But dreams remain dreams. And so many people can not understand why they have failed. Some blame fate, some believe in magic and witchcraft, conspiracy or a curse, someone goes easier way and blames others for their misfortunes. Do not look for the causes of their failures in the outside world, better, how to "dig" yourself. Everyone builds themselves obstacles to a happier life. So the first thing you need to work on yourself and not hide behind made-up reasons. It is not so difficult, between you and wonderful life of only 10 obstacles.

10. Lack of priorities

If you grasp first for one and then the other, takes a shit, and then it turns out that it is not time to do a complex project, then you have a problem with priorities. In 24 hours, they are not enough to realize all your fantasies. So take some time and prioritize. All the cases can be divided according to urgency and importance. First decide on all urgent and important matters concerning your career. Necessarily, engage in self-development. Do not regret on it time resources. Preparing a list of actions, and defining a time period for their implementation, you will understand that some of them only take away your strength. This does not mean that you have to constantly work, denying myself the extra minute of rest. Just learn to manage your time.

9. Unfinished business

People like to postpone the solution of complex questions for later. Their conscience, but they are not able to bring myself to do it. But unfinished business suck the energy. People can't move forward, they pull him back in. Finish all unfinished business, resolve all outstanding issues, complete all the promises. If you have something does not work, and you realize that you can't keep it, discard it. Yes, you might be uncomfortable, but you will be free. Nothing will be a burden to you. You will be able to move forward.

8. Pleasing people

You hard to refuse a friend, which once again asks to sit with her child. Again you stay after work to help a negligent colleague. Examples are very many, but if you don't know how to say "no" all the time you have to waste your time and energy to solve other people's problems. Pleasing other people, you will not achieve anything. Think primarily about themselves and their desires. Do not hesitate, do not pay attention, how to react to your refusal to friends or colleagues. Learn to defend your boundaries. You will notice that on yourself you have much more power.

7. Ignoring this

Some people are fixated on the past, some paint rosy pictures of the future. They do not think that life is here and now. The past will not return, no need to delve into it and think what would have happened if you'd made a different decision. About the future, of course, it is worth considering, but that it was a happy, efforts should be made in the present. Want to be slim tomorrow, give up the dinner tonight. My dream is to buy a house, start to earn and properly manage money. Don't wait for Monday to change your life, not waiting for the right moment.

6. Insufficient reserves

If you have insufficient reserves, you have little energy. You simply have nowhere to take it. Don't focus on money and success, take the time to our spiritual development. Read good books, watch films, do things you love, connect with your loved ones, get more nature. Do what gives you energy. You must have met on the way of people who strive for their dreams, without giving himself no rest. They work a lot, but what they will remember in old age? No, no money and no job, they will remember the best moments of his life. And most of them will regret that little time is given to communication with family and their own development.

5. A whitewash

If you dream of a beautiful life, you have to be honest with others. Don't hide your bad qualities, they will come out, but that's not a very pleasant situation for you. Ask people not to tell you secrets, if you do not know how to keep secrets. Warn your colleagues that can sometimes be intemperate, so they should not be offended, nothing bad you do not have. Of course, the disadvantages of you don't decorate, but honesty often is captivating. Admit your shortcomings, and you will forgive all.

4. Self-deception

To be honest with others is not easy, but even harder not to lie to yourself. Surprisingly, people are most likely fooling yourself. They make all these promises but not fulfilling them. Instead of criticizing yourself and try to change the situation, they pretend that it should be. Often hide behind the phrase "Life is one, we all do that". You have one, you should not worry about what everyone else is doing. Don't be fooled, if stumbled – admit it. Don't feel sorry for yourself and bemoan your fate. After misstep, all to the maximum, but try to correct their mistake.

3. Energy leaks

Avoid leakages of energy. Disregard small troubles, not nervous, not crevices on others. Identify what drains your energy. It can be to communicate with unpleasant for you man, maybe your new job, problems that you can't find it. A lot of options. Try to remove that obstacle. If it's not in your power, then negotiate with your inner self. Calm yourself, search for the cause of the problem, solve it, find other sources of energy. Try to take everything calmly, you will not be able to affect the world around us, so is it worth to worry about.

2. Desires instead of planning

If you sit and dream, your wishes will never come true. Let them be your incentive. Make a detailed plan. Write what you intend to achieve, limit the time frame. If the goal you think is unattainable, break it into subgoals. Every night set yourself goals for the next day, do not forget about control. If you implemented everything I wanted, unable to praise yourself. You are one step closer to his dream. If not, consider what is important to you your objective, if you are unable to collect will in a fist and to work for its achievement. Understand will do nothing – nothing will change.

1. Complaints instead of questions

There aren't that many of those who do not like to complain. It's much easier, it is not necessary to decide anything, to talk, to ask, to demand. You can just complain, and so the object of complaints, had no idea what it is. Complain about husband, wife, sister, neighbors, doom, doctors, officials and the President. Everything is in your hands. If you are not satisfied with something, talk, Express their claims. Maybe he does not even know about your problems. Do not complain about life. In some it is much more difficult. Now they rejoice that they have and want to achieve something else. Only you can determine whether you will live or exist.

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